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Open Source Development [clear filter]
Monday, September 23

11:00am PDT

Ask Arm Anything [MEMBERS / Arm PARTNERS ONLY, Must show badge when entering]
Mark Hambleton, Arm VP of Open Source Software, will answer questions and take feedback.



Mark Hambleton

VP Open Source Software, Arm

Monday September 23, 2019 11:00am - 11:50am PDT
Pacific Room (Keynote)

2:30pm PDT

SAN19-106 What’s new in VIXL 2019?
VIXL is a ARMv8 Runtime Code Generation Library which contains three components:
- Programmatic assemblers to generate A64, A32 or T32 code at runtime.
- Disassemblers that can print any instruction emitted by the assemblers.
- Simulator can simulate any instruction emitted by the A64 assembler on x86 and ARM platform. It is configurable, vector length for SVE, for example, and it supports register tracing during the execution.

In this talk, we're going to introduce:
- What is VIXL? It is already deployed and is considered “mature”, for example, it has been adopted by Android ART compiler for its ARM backends: AArch64 and AArch32.
- CPU feature management and detection.
- New Armv8.x instructions support, e.g. BTI, PAuth, etc.
- New SVE (Scalable Vector Extension) support.

avatar for Tat Wai Chong

Tat Wai Chong

Senior Software Engineer, arm
I enjoy working on compiler backend and tool development and performance tuning, especially on virtual machine technology.

Monday September 23, 2019 2:30pm - 2:55pm PDT
Pacific Room (Keynote)

4:00pm PDT

SAN19-119 Status update on Qualcomm upstreaming
An update of the progress made since BKK19 in the upstreaming and ongoing efforts related to Qualcomm platforms. Covering current status of Dragonboards and Snapdragon laptops.

avatar for Bjorn Andersson

Bjorn Andersson

Principal Engineer, Linaro
Bjorn is Linux kernel subsystem maintainer for remoteproc, rpmsg and hwspinlock and co-maintainer of the Qualcomm SoC. As Principal Engineer at Linaro he's focusing on Qualcomm upstream support in the Linux kernel.

Monday September 23, 2019 4:00pm - 4:50pm PDT
Sunset V (Session 1)
Tuesday, September 24

4:00pm PDT

SAN19-227 Technology For Everyone (Introductory)
The goal of the presentation is to help people in non-development roles understand and navigate the complex world of technology.  All are welcome. Those with a technical background may find the session too introductory.

The first part of the presentation looks at some of the deliverables found on releases.linaro.org and how they fit in a typical product development life cycle. More specifically we start with how the 96boards standard helps developers get going at the prototyping phase of a project and speed up time to market. From there we explore the concept of toolchains and how programmers use them in their daily work. The third aspect of the presentation gives an overview of what libraries are and the advantages of using them when building a system.

avatar for Mathieu Poirier

Mathieu Poirier

Linaro - Arm Ltd., Linaro
Mathieu Poirier has been part of the Linaro organisation since its inception in 2010. From there he has helped members with upstreaming, worked on the android open source project, addressed issues in the kernel's deadline scheduler and worked on the CoreSight subsystem that he currently... Read More →

Tuesday September 24, 2019 4:00pm - 4:50pm PDT
Sunset 3 (Session 3)
Wednesday, September 25

9:00am PDT

SAN19-301 *** Cancelled *** Heather Meeker Legal Update
This session has been cancelled.

avatar for Andrea Gallo

Andrea Gallo

VP of Business Development, Linaro
Andrea is VP of Business Development at Linaro. He joined the Linaro Technical Steering Committee in 2010 as an ST-Ericsson Fellow before becoming a Linaro employee in 2012 as the Director of the Linaro Enterprise Group (now known as the Linaro Data Center and Cloud Group). He then... Read More →

Wednesday September 25, 2019 9:00am - 9:25am PDT
Pacific Room (Keynote)

11:00am PDT

SAN19-305 The Transformation of Electronic Product Design
Dr. Kruberg will review and predict the future impact of modular software on the Arm ecosystem and cloud based electronic design and manufacturing of next generation electronics.

avatar for Gordon Kruberg

Gordon Kruberg

Dream, Design, Deliver
W. GORDON KRUBERG, M.D. - PRESIDENT AND CEO Gordon Kruberg has been President and CEO since founding the company in October 2003. Over the course of his career, Dr. Kruberg has been involved in over thirty US-based companies as a venture investor, member of the board of directors... Read More →

Wednesday September 25, 2019 11:00am - 11:25am PDT
Sunset V (Session 1)

11:00am PDT

SAN19-303 Private Seminar / Fire Side Chat on Open Source development and collaboration
avatar for Bryan Huntsman

Bryan Huntsman

Sr Director, Qualcomm Innovation Center
Bryan Huntsman is a Senior Director at the Qualcomm Innovation Center and is responsible for Linux Kernel development on Qualcomm Snapdragon processors for mobile and IoT markets.  Over the past decade, he has set up a team of engineers and engineering processes that contributed... Read More →
avatar for Elsie Wahlig

Elsie Wahlig

Sr. Director, Linaro
Elsie Wahlig is a Senior Director of Linaro's Datacenter Cloud Group and HPC at Linaro. Prior to joining, Elsie has been in high-tech field working at semiconductor companies for 22 years. She's been building the Arm server market since 2011 at Qualcomm and Samsung with roles spanning... Read More →
avatar for Grant Likely

Grant Likely

Senior Technical Director, Arm
Grant Likely is an embedded system architect and developer with a long history in the Linux community. Grant began building embedded Linux systems in 2004 and quickly got involved with the community. He maintained several platforms and subsystems, including SPI and GPIO, and lead... Read More →
avatar for Robert Wolff

Robert Wolff

Community Manager & Engineer, Linaro / 96Boards
Robert Wolff is a technical writer, open source evangelist, community leader and engineer with a history of working in and around esteemed academic institutions and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) based educational programs. Right now, Robert works as... Read More →

Wednesday September 25, 2019 11:00am - 11:55am PDT
Pacific Room (Keynote)

4:00pm PDT

SAN19-314 Developing with PetaLinux for the Ultra96 Board
This course will describe Linux development using the Xilinx PetaLinux tools for the Ultra96 board. Specific focus will be given to lessons learned in integrating and debugging device drivers.

avatar for Tom Curran

Tom Curran

Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer, Avnet
Tom Curran works on hardware and software for a wide variety of SoC FPGA architecture projects and currently spends most of his time with the Avnet Ultra96 board creating reference designs and training materials for customers as a Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer in the Products... Read More →

Wednesday September 25, 2019 4:00pm - 4:50pm PDT
Sunset V (Session 1)
Thursday, September 26

12:15pm PDT

OpenAMP TSC Meeting (Sunset 1)
OpenAMP TSC Meeting & Call
Room: Sunset 1
Time: 12:15-2pm
Day: Thursday

OpenAMP TSC meeting is open to all interested people. 

avatar for Tomas Evensen

Tomas Evensen

CTO Open Source, Xilinx
Tomas Evensen is Chief Technology Officer, Open Source at Xilinx.In this role he is responsible for the open source software strategy forXilinx All Programmable SoCs. Prior to joining Xilinx, Evensen was ChiefTechnology Officer at Wind River for 7 years, as well as GM for the WindRiver... Read More →

Thursday September 26, 2019 12:15pm - 2:00pm PDT
Developers Rooms
Friday, September 27

9:00am PDT

SAN19-506 BuildKit: A next generation image builder toolkit
BuildKit solves many problems of "docker build", instead of replace the "docker build", it evolves to be an independent project but still under the umbrella of moby.

In this presentation, I am going to talk the key issues that BuildKit addresses, such as concurrent dependency resolution, much faster image build with cache import/output, and how to avoid to leak credential while still allow accessing private assets.

You will see how the BuildKit could be used in conjunction with 'docker', particularly, we will see how BuildKit supports multi-arch image build for ARM platform, and the Docker as well. Actually, the cutting-edge innovation of "docker buildx" is right based on BuildKit, besides, couple of demo on top of ARM platform will be given during the session.

Some performance data will be given as well to compare with traditional "docker build".

avatar for Dave Chen

Dave Chen

staff engineer, ARM China
staff engineer from ARM China, primarily focus on container and container's orchestration software like kubernetes. I am a collaborator of Buildkit project. Beside Buildkit, I am a core reviewer of OpenStack keystone project and kubeedge project (an edge computing project based on... Read More →

Friday September 27, 2019 9:00am - 9:25am PDT
Pacific Room (Keynote)

11:30am PDT

SAN19-514 Graal Compiler Optimizations on AArch64.
Graal is a dynamic compiler that integrates with the HotSpot JVM and converts Java bytecode to native machine code at runtime. It can be a replacement of the C2 compiler in Hotspot with the basic advantage that Graal is written in Java rather than C++, which makes it probably safety and easier to maintain and extend. Besides, Graal compiler has a focus on high performance so it's also a big part of what makes Java as faster as it is.

Currently Graal has added many optimization mechanisms like speculative optimizations, inlining, partial escape analysis, lowering snippets, etc. Even so, compared to the C2 compiler, Graal still lose some optimizations and new features of OpenJDK especially for AArch64. Its performance could be better.

This presentation explores the status of Graal Optimization on AArch64, together with the performance data of some benchmarks. Some of the focus is on the recent changes and the improvement in AArch64 port which Arm contributes to. Some of the future works may also be introduced.

avatar for Xiaohong Gong (Arm Technology China)

Xiaohong Gong (Arm Technology China)

Software Engineer, Arm China
Work on OpenJDK Graal compiler optimization.

Friday September 27, 2019 11:30am - 11:55am PDT
Sunset IV (Session 2)

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